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Neighborhood Atlas


Tools Used: ArcPro, AGOL, Esri Collector, Mask, Clip, Dissolve

Skills Used: Cartography, map production, custom base map design, data collection, documentation

Project Description: This map atlas brings together a number of cartographic techniques to tell a story about the character of Northwest Portland, Oregon. It is one of Portland’s oldest neighborhood. The project goal was to closely observe neighborhood patterns and identify and map distinctive features found in Northwest Portland. I obtained the data by walking throughout the neighborhood using the ESRI Collector on my mobile phone. I  used Esri ArcPro and ArcGIS Online to design the maps. My design goal was to create a small (8 ½” x 8”) atlas with a consistent design by creating a custom base map, and using custom icons for symbols that I created or modified.  I ultimately printed and hand bound the maps into a small book. I made a base map using Portland Metro’s RLIS data, creating a mask, clipping, and dissolving multiple layers. The demographic data is from the US Census Bureau, 2010; the Neighborhood Pulse, Institute of Metropolitan Studies at Portland State University, 2010. The data for heritage trees is from the City of Portland Heritage Tree database.

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